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We provide complete Digital Signage System and Digital Menu Board solutions. Free consultation, custom screen designs, software, nationwide installation and support services. Our award winning custom menu designs will have your customers impressed and your competitors stressed.

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What is a Digital Menu Board?

Digital menu boards don’t necessarily have to be part of a restaurant. After all, a menu is simply a list of offerings and options, and is not necessarily exclusive to food. If your business or organization has a product, service, or information to promote, why not consider large high-definition LCD screens to feature any combination of live or recorded full motion video, static images, animated graphics, and live data feeds. Menu boards can be strategically placed for maximum visibility and can be fully customized to enhance and complement your décor.
Advantages of Digital Menu Systems

  • Increased sales per customer by cross-selling and upselling
  • Attract customers with eye-catching multimedia graphics
  • Influence decision making by promoting your daily specials
  • Change pricing and menu offerings remotely, easily and instantly in one location, several locations, or in all locations system-wide.
  • Easily add new products and services to your menu
  • Eliminate unnecessary printing costs and menu distribution delays
  • Improve communication between you and your customers
  • Entertain, inform, and reduce perceived wait times

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Digital menu boards attract viewers, generate product excitement and have a tangible effect on revenue. We provide complete Digital Menu Board Solutions for businesses large and small. From network deployment and remote management to technical support and menu design, we deliver the whole package. All you need is Internet. We can design a stand alone system or deploy large networks with hundreds or thousands of screens.