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Based on our experience, we’ve included the most commonly asked questions. If you have a question that is not listed here, you may submit it at the bottom of the page. We will answer all of your questions, and if we think you have an interesting one, we may even post it here for future reference.

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Can a promo Video be integrated into the screen?

Yes. When we design the screen for your establishment, tell us in advance what kind of video you would like to run on the screens at any given time. You may have several promos rotating on a pre-set schedule.

Do I need Internet in my location?

Constant Internet connectivity is required if you run an RSS feed or any other live information pulled from another online source. In addition, Internet is required for you or us to make changes to your menu. However, you don't need Internet to actually run the menu itself.

What happens if Internet service is lost?

First, you can rest assured that your menu will continue to run! If your screens have zones that require constant Internet, the live streaming will experience a delay but will still show the most recently updated information. Also, when Internet service is interrupted, it is usually for a small period of time, so changes that you have made to the menu will go live when Internet service is restored.

What kinds of information can I change myself in the menu?

Generally speaking, you should be able to change anything you can think of, so long as you specify it when we first design your menu. However, in most screen design configurations, you will be able to change the following: text for the wording part, pictures (take one dish out and replace it with another) and prices. Remember that we are available at anytime to help.

I have my own flat panel screens, can I use them?

Yes! Our media player will be connected to your existing screens. Keep in mind that most of our users are using commercial grade monitors, which are specifically designed for the Digital Signage Industry. Unfortunately, many consumer grade televisions may not be able handle the demands of digital signage in certain areas such as behind the counter, although they may be good for the dining room area.

Do you offer plug and play systems?

Yes! Our product is plug and play. It's easy to use, yet flexible and scalable enough to adapt as needed. It is shipped from our facilities ready to use without any Internet connectivity required at time of installation; however, to enjoy all the options of the system, we recommend connecting the media player to the Internet.

Do you offer financing or lease programs?

Yes, we offer a solution for every budget, including different payment plans. In addition, we are working with an equipment leasing company, which offers a variety of lease-to-own plans. We will be happy to discuss them with you.

Can I integrate advertising into the screens?

Yes! Many of our clients choose to incorporate advertising into their systems; however, most of them will use this option primarily in the dining room area and not the actual menu boards, unless one of your product line suppliers or vendors wants to pay for the system (that may be a good idea). The integration of advertising has many benefits, which we will gladly share with you.

Do you provide digital poster products?

Yes. The players are the same. We are here to create and design your specials, promotions, or any other messages you choose to broadcast. You can control the content or we can take care of it for you.

Do you provide digital production services?

Yes. Although we provide a complete range of services needed for digital menus and digital signage systems, we can accommodate requests for production services only.

Do you provide all-weather Outdoor systems?

Yes. We represent several manufacturers of outdoor signage systems for permanent outdoor use. These all-weather units are designed to protect all internal components from most types of weather, dirt and elements. Since each project tends to be different, we will consult with you and recommend the right product for your particular needs.

What are some guidelines for determining placement of my Digital Menu?

Placement of digital signage is generally determined by customer traffic and how a company wants to funnel traffic throughout their establishment. Generally, most food service facilities want to place signage where the consumer is going to make a purchasing decision (order counter, cash register area, etc.) as well as in areas leading up to the point of purchase. The size and type of restaurant-fast-food, quick-casual-- can influence the number of displays needed and precisely where they will be positioned.

What size screens should I use for my Digital Menu System?

Use the right size of signage! Digital signage that replaces traditional signage should go where consumers typically expect to see them. In addition to placing screens directly above the order counter and check-out areas, displays might also be placed strategically near entrances and in clear sight of people standing in line to order. We will review your layout and make specific recommendations based on floor plan, traffic volume, and budget.

What is the effective life of LCD and plasma screens?

Both LCD and plasma are rated around 55,000 hours MTBF (mean time between failures). However, the LCD goes bad in the form of one pixel at a time, while plasma goes bad in the form of a black line. At LG Electronics (USA Digital Menu is an authorized dealer), the panel rating is 60,000 hours for both plasma and LCD screens. For deployments where the screen will be used in a 12-hour-per-day (4,380 hours per year) application, that is the equivalent of 13.7 years.

How long can the media player run for?

The player can run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, nonstop.

Do I need technical experience to manage my Digital Menu?

No technical experience is necessary to maintain your digital menu. By accessing a secure, online Menu Dashboard, updating your menu is as easy as checking your email.

Do I need graphic design experience to design the screen or upload new menu items?

No. Our philosophy is to deliver a final product. Don't change your day job or hire an IT person; your digital menu system arrives ready-to-use and we are here to provide you with all of the services you may need.

How long does the Digital Menu installation process take?

Depending on the size of the deployment, the installation itself can take between 4-6 hours. We pre-inspect every location before the deployment date so we understand that we need to install 'after hours'. We provide 24/7 installation services.

What will a Digital Menu System do for my sales?

A digital menu system can benefit your business in many ways. For example, it can increase revenue from profiled products, help introduce a new product more quickly and efficiently, reduce customers' perceived wait times, provide overall sales uplift through increased information (awareness, value proposition, price, information, etc.), and create a relationship with the consumer by delivering a branded 'experience'.

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