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The technology is here and it’s available now. Managing your drive-thru menu correctly means influencing your customers' decisions right when they are about to make them. The benefits can be amazing.

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Our quality line of digital outdoor displays features innovative all-weather LCD technology to provide the solution that many have been waiting for. "Drive-thru Digital Menus”. These outdoor LCD displays come with pre-designed enclosures that are perfect for drive-thru systems, or for any other project having the need for permanent outdoor signage. These units are designed to perform in tough weather conditions, while protecting internal components from most types of weather elements- from -40F to +120F

Advantages of Digital Menu Systems
  • Increased sales per customer by cross-selling and upselling
  • Attract customers with eye-catching multimedia graphics, when they just about to make THE decision.
  • Influence decision making by promoting your daily specials
  • Change pricing and menu offerings remotely, easily and instantly in one location, several locations, or in all locations system-wide.
  • Easily add new products and services to your menu
  • Eliminate unnecessary printing costs and menu distribution delays
  • Improve communication between you and your customers
  • Entertain, inform, and reduce perceived wait times
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We provide complete outdoor solutions for businesses large and small. From planning to deployment and remote management, to technical support and custom menu screen design. All you need is Internet. Call us today. Every project is unique- we are sure to have the right solution to fit your needs.