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Auto Dealer

Automobile dealerships are a perfect example of how digital signage can help boost sales and increase brand awareness. But, how much of this year's total sales revenue will go to your dealership? What percentage of your advertising budget is spent on newspaper, radio, Internet and other printed materials? Dealers want to sell today, not tomorrow. With digital screens strategically placed within your dealership, your in-house advertising will sell more cars, and more parts and service. Other local businesses may want to advertise to your customers as well, creating a new stream of revenue that you can use to support your own marketing and advertising campaigns.

In today's competitive world, we're talking about Internet-savvy consumers, salespeople with poor product knowledge, and an ROI that does not always meet expectations. Well-placed digital signage in proximity to new vehicles on display in your showroom provide a wealth of information to the prospective buyer in a way not possible with brochures. Waiting rooms in the service department provide an excellent venue to highlight new models as well as options for financing. Customers in your parts department eagerly check the screens for new accessories, special offers and promotions.

At the end of the month, it's easy to correlate sales figures with the cars and features that were looped on the screens. By the way, the automobile manufacturers that you work with would love to pay for the system if you give them the ad space. We can show you how.

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