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At colleges and universities everywhere, bulletin boards are cluttered with flyers, announcements, promos and, probably buried under them all, messages from the university itself. Digital signage has emerged as a way to not only clean up those billboards, but also offer school officials a way to deliver their messages to thousands of students concentrated on several acres of campus. Any location where large amounts of people congregate becomes a hotspot for digital screens. Cafeterias, study areas, bookstores, building lobbies, and taverns have all become popular targets for digital signage.

Most of today's college students were raised on technology so they have an increased expectation that their on-campus environment will be an extension of their digital lifestyle. On-campus digital signage systems let school officials control content on screens in strategic locations, where students congregate and socialize, to distribute information that solves the issues of speed, readiness, and reduction of paper. If a campus spends even a few thousand dollars on printed materials, such as posters or fliers, it would see an immediate return on investment with this technology. Your new digital signage system will not only inform and educate, but also strengthen your school's identity and sense of community. So, if there's a new cell phone plan for students, new classes for working professionals, a concert on campus, or a sale in the bookstore, digital signs can deliver the message. Many advertisers looking to penetrate the lucrative, high disposable income college crowd would love to pay for your digital signage system. Ask us how.

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