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Digital Menu
Digital Menu Templates
Please browse a sample of our custom and pre-designed digital menus, Keep in mind that we design or customize any digital menu to fit your look and feel.

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If your bakery serves breakfast and lunch at different times of the day, why not take advantage of the flexibility of digital menu boards to do dayparting. For example, coffee and breakfast items playing in the mornings would be replaced by sandwiches and soups for the lunch-hour traffic. By dayparting, the odds of increasing product sales goes up substantially because of the use of digital menu boards. In addition, your digital menu system can become a new stream of revenue you never knew you had before by providing a way for your food and beverage vendors to advertise their products on your screens. Neighboring businesses may want to advertise to your patrons as well.

Normally when customers walk into your bakery they see static images and posters of your menu items on your walls. Just think of the improvement a high quality digital menu system will bring them. Everyone knows that bakeries are a treat for the senses. It is a place to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and a fresh roll or pastry. Everyone walking into your store will want to sample that hot batch of pastries just coming out of the oven and onto your dynamic, high definition screens. The entire visit can be very refreshing. And now with your new digital displays running visually stimulating messages, a visit to the bakery becomes a treat for the eyes as well.

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