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Grocery Market

The first retail outlets to recognize the benefits of digital signage were grocery stores. The obvious benefit of supermarket digital signage is the ability to focus promotions on customers while they inside the store shopping. To increase the dwell time within the store or to intercept people as they enter or exit, more and more grocery stores are installing digital screens that provide relevant information or services to their customers. Shoppers in grocery stores are typically busy and short on time, but find themselves with a few precious idle moments while waiting in line at the deli, bakery, service counter, or checkout stands. With digital signage, store managers can update content and prices to reflect the changes necessary to meet the demands of weekly, daily or even hourly sales campaigns.

Grocery and supermarket digital signage lets store owners install screens in strategic locations, where people are shopping or waiting in line, to deliver specific advertising focused on customers making a last minute buying decision. Whether your retail food establishment is a supermarket or a 'mom and pop' corner store, your new digital signage system will not only increase your sales potential, but will also provide you with a new stream of income you never knew you had before simply by selling ad space on your screens to your vendors and suppliers, and even to local area businesses.

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