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Digital Menu
Digital Menu Templates
Please browse a sample of our custom and pre-designed digital menus, Keep in mind that we design or customize any digital menu to fit your look and feel.

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Movie Theater

Now playing at a theater near you- your theater! High definition, wide display, flat panel monitors offer a theater-wide solution to movie theater owners who want to keep their customers informed. Imagine your new digital signage informing just arrived movie-goers about movie titles and show times. Meanwhile in the lobby, 'digital posters' announce coming attractions, and at the concession stands, dynamic 'digital menus' influence customers' buying decisions. Menu content changes automatically at different times of the day to feature different menu items or pricing based on the demographics of your customers. Best of all, you control the content on the screens remotely- from anywhere in the world!

In addition, your digital menu system can generate advertising revenue for you by promoting your brand name beverages, snacks and candy. Let your screens promote your child care service, game room and catered events. You can even make money selling ad space on your screens to neighboring businesses that may want to advertise their products and services to your patrons. So, whether you run a small neighborhood theater or a giant multiplex, you'll want your customers to leave with a positive impression that will bring them back time and time again. Even if you already have traditional static signage in your theater, by adding dynamic digital signage, chances are good that the two will complement each other in a way that's good for business.

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