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Please browse a sample of our custom and pre-designed digital menus, Keep in mind that we design or customize any digital menu to fit your look and feel.

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Clinic / Urgent Care

Deploying digital signage at your clinic to entertain and inform your patients while they wait for their medical appointments is a wonderful idea. Strategically-placed digital screens will not only achieve a more modern image but will improve customer service. You'll discover that your patients, who are having to wait an average of 20 minutes or more, are more than willing to be informed and entertained while they wait. The advantage becomes obvious once you've seen our high-definition displays for yourself. The bright picture, the vibrant colors, the clear and crisp image. It's difficult to take your eyes off it.

You can broadcast medical information such as diseases and their cures, medical tips, medical curiosities, answers to frequently asked questions, symptoms for diseases, etc. In addition, you can feature information about the clinic's floor plans, accepted insurance plans, and doctors on duty, as well as in-patient and out-patient services. Your network also becomes the perfect medium to promote medical seminars and conferences, and to advertise medical products that do not require a medical prescription. The value of digital signage, beyond entertaining patients during wait times, is to provide education about products and services that your patients often don't realize your medical care facility provides. Point-of-care health information can be one of the fastest ways to highlight services and improve clinic and urgent care facility profitability.

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