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Digital Menu
Digital Menu Templates
Please browse a sample of our custom and pre-designed digital menus, Keep in mind that we design or customize any digital menu to fit your look and feel.

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Family Diner

High definition LCD screens in the American-style Diner showcase a combination of your menu items, local and regional advertising, and short lifestyle programming to inform and entertain patrons. In the dining room, your digital menus entertain families enjoying a meal together or those who are eating after a night on the town. Screens at the entrance suggest menu offerings and entertain customers while they wait for a table during hectic meal times. At busy sit-down or take-out counters, screens do the upselling for you. You can change menu items and prices instantly- at the touch of a button. Serve breakfast all day long? No problem- your menu boards change from breakfast to lunch to dinner- automatically!

Digital menus are one of the latest tools to emerge in the quick-casual market. This novel technology displays menus while simultaneously drawing customers' attention to other information, like current store promotions. While the restaurant market becomes increasingly aware of the benefits of digital versus traditional menu boards, restaurant owners seek a solid solution that will increase sales, improve operations and boost the customer experience. Flash animation of delicious homemade dishes being prepared in the kitchen, images of ice cold drinks and tempting deserts, and other visually stimulating content all combine to create a unique take-out or dine-in experience. Your digital menu system can even become a new stream of revenue hat you never thought you had by providing ad space for your vendors to advertise their products on your screens.

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